MORE   360 Sprints from the Trophy Cup @ THUNDERBOWL 2009

11-12TC-50-57.jpg (146215 bytes)

Shane Stewart (57) moves past Steven Allard (50) on his way to a fourth place finish.

11-12TC-Crockett.jpg (142031 bytes)

Roger Crockett lead early in the Trophy Cup Main event.

11-12TC-2-19.jpg (157153 bytes)

Brad Furr (2) hugs the berm on his way past a compeitor.

11-12TC-3d-20.jpg (140605 bytes)

Ronnie Day (20) dives low under Davey Pombo (3P).

11-12TC-4j.jpg (179194 bytes)

Andy Ferris in the low groove.

11-12TC-4x.jpg (149181 bytes)

Burt Foland needs a tear off !

11-12TC-9a.jpg (132676 bytes)

Need help on this Canadian driver's ID.

11-12TC-10.jpg (166587 bytes)

Roberto Kirby wrinkles his left rear.

11-12TC-14.jpg (155705 bytes)

Matt Sargent.

11-12TC-39s.jpg (121989 bytes)

Need help on this driver's ID.

If anyone can help me out on these  naming these drivers, please contact me @ Jack Hedstrom, Webmaster

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