Joe shoots the "Ollie Silva Memorial" event at Lee USA Speedway

Bentley Warren rides his Harley around Lee Speedway  08-13-DSC_2944.JPG (48953 bytes)

08-13-DSC_2960.JPG (59793 bytes)  08-13-DSC_2982.JPG (57326 bytes)

08-13-DSC_2985.JPG (48550 bytes)  08-13-DSC_2998.JPG (57125 bytes)

08-13-DSC_3000.JPG (57673 bytes)  08-13-DSC_3005.JPG (56867 bytes)

08-13-DSC_3006.JPG (53567 bytes)  08-13-DSC_3008.JPG (65398 bytes)

08-13-DSC_3016.JPG (59034 bytes)  08-13-DSC_3023.JPG (92519 bytes)

08-13-DSC_3042.JPG (65701 bytes)  08-13-DSC_3056.JPG (75951 bytes)

His restored Super   Ollie Silva restored Modified

Waiting for a push truck  THe famous

Ollie Silva*s Modified paces teh Super Mods  08-13-DSC_3119.JPG (42922 bytes)


J. Scott Martel  The Super Mods in front of a huge crowd

Pace Lap for Supers  08-13-DSC_3168.JPG (72255 bytes)

Chris Perley   08-13-DSC_3200.JPG (66771 bytes)

Race winner, Chris perley

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All photos from the Joe Nett Collection, shown with permission.

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