NIGHT "Action on the Mile" 10-07-11

Triple Twenties for Big Blocks

10-07-2011-trip20VL0002.jpg (196075 bytes)

Billy Decker won the first 20.

10-07-2011-trip20VL0003.jpg (134701 bytes)

Billy Dunn won the second 20.

10-07-2011-trip20VL0004.jpg (162541 bytes)

Pat Ward won the final 20 lap qualifier.

10-07-2011-decker91Tremont1150002.jpg (132945 bytes)

'The Franklin Flyer' Billy Decker won the first qualifier.

10-07-2011-BillyDunn0001.jpg (111189 bytes)

Billy Dunn on his way to the win !

10-07-2011-more0001.jpg (137125 bytes)

Pat Ward shows his winning style.

10-07-2011-BACHETTI0001.jpg (134543 bytes)

"Wild Child" Andy Bachetti.

10-07-2011-decker91Tremont1150001.jpg (141700 bytes)

Veteran Ken Tremont in action.

10-07-2011-more0002.jpg (142914 bytes)

Tim McCreadie slides turn 4.

10-07-2011-OldSchoolJimmy0001.jpg (160756 bytes)

Jimmy Phelps at speed.

10-07-2011-Sheppard0001.jpg (157620 bytes)

'SUPER' Matt Shepard hugs the inside barrier.

10-07-2011-WILLYD0001.jpg (154302 bytes)

Willy Decker in traffic on the Mile.

(All photos by Jay Fish)

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