Jay @ 'MOODY MILE' on 10/05/2011....Final Inspections.

10-04-2011-pic-1.jpg (205967 bytes)

Road signs for the racers and spectators.

10-04-2011-day20002.jpg (240921 bytes)

Early spectators arrive to get a camp site.

10-04-2011-day20059.jpg (224424 bytes)

Brett Hearn arrives in his huge hauler.

10-04-2011-day20004.jpg (277708 bytes)

Some early inspections.

10-04-2011-day20006.jpg (253672 bytes)

Early arrivals in the pit area.

10-04-2011-day20022.jpg (299356 bytes)

Pit area starting to fill up later.

10-04-2011-day20009.jpg (247437 bytes)

JRP has sat in this Grandstand !!!

10-04-2011-day20010.jpg (234801 bytes)

Presenting the car for inspection from the spectator's view.

10-04-2011-day20013.jpg (239161 bytes)

Up close to a Pro Stock grill.

10-04-2011-day20016.jpg (281287 bytes)

Pro Stock tech check.

10-04-2011-day20018.jpg (318584 bytes)

Putting on the DIRTcar decals.

10-04-2011-day20023.jpg (232609 bytes)

Waiting for DIRTcar officials to check it out.

10-04-2011-day20024.jpg (254297 bytes)

Crew man starts to remove the hood.

10-04-2011-day20029.jpg (327555 bytes)

Cars lined up to be checked out.

10-04-2011-day20032.jpg (351286 bytes)

New Hoosiers all around.

10-04-2011-day20041.jpg (285328 bytes)

Jay covers them from all angles !!!

10-04-2011-day20049.jpg (264786 bytes)

Similar to NASCAR's 'Room of Doom' !

10-04-2011-day20051.jpg (236599 bytes)

DIRTcar officials do two cars at once.

10-04-2011-day20052.jpg (367944 bytes)

Two Modifieds of French Canadian, David Hebert.

(All photos by Jay Fish)

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