Jay's shots @ Race of Champions 7-05-11

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The "Race of Champions" winner, Billy Decker.

07-05-2011-fivemileROC0042.JPG (121409 bytes)

Second place finisher, Stewart Freisen

07-05-2011-fivemileROC0060.JPG (224807 bytes)

Larry Wight was third.

07-05-2011-fivemileROC0043.JPG (194742 bytes)

"Super Matt" Sheppard


07-05-2011-fivemileROC0065-1.JPG (147460 bytes)

NJ's top Modified driver, Brett "THE JET" Hearn.

07-05-2011-fivemileROC0045.JPG (158778 bytes)

??? Walker

07-05-2011-fivemileROC0046.JPG (172780 bytes)


07-05-2011-fivemileROC0048.JPG (187534 bytes)


07-05-2011-fivemileROC0049.JPG (178531 bytes)

Rick Laubach

07-05-2011-fivemileROC0064.JPG (169402 bytes)

Jeff Strunk in the fading sunlight.

07-05-2011-fivemileROC0056.JPG (172436 bytes)

"The Doctor" Danny Johnson

07-05-2011-fivemileROC0044.JPG (205370 bytes)

? Albert

(All photos by Jay Fish)

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