Pre-WWII Open Wheels @ Laguna Seca

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1911 National 40.  This car finished 7th in the first Indy 500 driven by Charlie Merz.  His winnings $800.00

1917 Ford Model T

1922 Ford Model T "Hudkins Motor Company Special".

1921 RAJO Ford Racer "Arnold Brothers Special".

1915 Ford Model T.

1934 Morgan Sports Racer.

1920 Ballot Race 3/8 LC.

1917 Hall-Scott "The Four".

1934 Alfa Romeo P3.

1933 Studebaker Special Indy Racer.  Tony Gulotta, from Kansas City, qualified at 113.678 mph and finished the Indy 500 in seventh place in this car.

1934 ERA A Type (Likely a Formula 2 Racer - ERA stands for English Racing Automobiles)

1930 Alfa Romeo Tipo B P3 This car has some special history!  Tazio Nuvolari drove this car to the 1932 Italian GP and 1935 Pau GP.  Also Guy Moll race this car to a win in the 1934 Monaco GP.

More info available on this car here

1927 Bugatti 37A

1935 ERA B

1927 Bugatti 35B.

1932 Studebaker Indy Car  Pete Kreis finished 12th in the 1932 Indy 500 in this car.

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