'Modifieds at@Lincoln Speedway'

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Bobby Varin

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Brett "THE JET" Hearn, NJ's top Modified driver.

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Craig Von Dohren

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Danny Heiber on the cushion.

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'Lightning Larry' Wight on the banking.

Meme-DeSantis-dm.jpg (155209 bytes)

Veteran MeMe DeSantis.

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One of the Gypsum team members, Pat Ward.

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Grandview regular, Jeff Strunk.

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Rusty Smith

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Pauch Jr.

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David Mc went to 'BIG PICS of Multiple cars....

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Two of the top guys battle: 'Dr.J' Danny Johnson (27j) and Brett Hearn (20).

Weinert-Herthler-dm.jpg (320735 bytes)

Two Grandview guys on the Lincoln Banks: Kevin Hirthler (117) and Mike Weinert (18).

Weinert-Godown-dm.jpg (267021 bytes)

Grandview regulars on the banks again, Mike Weinert (18) and eventual winner, Ryan Godown (27).

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Wall to wall grooves used by the Modified racers.

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