'Fendered Cars at@Williams Grove Speedway'

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'TOPLESS' 358 Late Models

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Travis Mease was the feature event winner.

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Pat Beard  (7) and Rodney Walls (85) side by side.

07-12-2011-Charles-Potts-dm.jpg (181683 bytes)

Charles Potts

07-12-2011-Gene-Knaub-dm.jpg (189047 bytes)

Gene Knaub lefts the left front.

07-12-2011-Jake-Jones-dm.jpg (162009 bytes)

Jake Jones

07-12-2011-Leonard-Adams-dm.jpg (171988 bytes)

Todd Leonard (7) leads Grant Adams (64).

07-12-2011-Nailor-Miller-dm.jpg (198345 bytes)

Jared Miller (15) duels with Matt Nailor.

07-12-2011-Pancho-Lawler-dm.jpg (191358 bytes)

Pancho Lawler

07-12-2011-Ralph-Morgan-dm.jpg (191794 bytes)

Ralph 'Captain' Morgan

07-12-2011-Steve-Clabaugh-dm.jpg (174194 bytes)

Steve Clabaugh

07-12-2011-Tommy-Blackwell-dm.jpg (193882 bytes)

Tommy Blackwell

07-12-2011-Wes-Alleman-dm.jpg (185005 bytes)

Wes Alleman

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