Jefferson 500, by the Vintage Racers Group

at Summit Point, WV

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Bo Lemmon Formula Vee MK III 1965.

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Brian Rechtiene GRD F3 1972 Sidepod shot.

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Brian Rechtiene GRD F3 1972 showing the rear suspension.

05-27-2011-DaveFairchild-dm.jpg (689221 bytes)

Dave Fairchild Merlyn 11A 1969.

05-27-2011-DougMeis-dry-dm.jpg (658641 bytes)

Doug Meis Lola T340 1974.

05-27-2011-FF-46-dm.jpg (641710 bytes)

A super Nice restoration on a Forula Ford.

05-27-2011-RobertRomanansky-dm.jpg (624959 bytes)

Robert Romanansky Macon FF 1969.

05-27-2011-TomGrudovich-dm.jpg (696675 bytes)

Tom Grudovich Brabham BT21 1967.

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